GreenGeeks Launches Scalable Hosting Features on its Web Hosting Platform

Los Angeles, CA – GreenGeeks, an industry leading green web hosting provider announced today that it has launched scalable hosting features on its web hosting platform.

GreenGeeks says that its customers will now be able to easily add/remove computing resources such as CPU, RAM and I/O in a pay-as-you-go fashion which eliminates the need to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server.“The way hosting is being offered is changing,” said Kaumil Patel, COO of GreenGeeks. “Our scalable hosting feature will allow customers who need to scale and grow their online presence do seamlessly, without the complexities that come with a VPS.” he added. “They will remain on the shared platform and enjoy the same support & management they’ve been used to.” he finished.

GreenGeeks’ vision as a hosting provider is to allow customers to focus on deploying, managing and growing their websites without having to worry about the underlying technology.

It also mentioned that numerous improvements were made to its container-based technology, which will specifically allow proprietary intelligent systems and tools to automatically move hosting accounts around its platform based on resource supply & demand to maintain always-fast performance and always-on reliability.

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